Monday, July 5, 2010

My Sushi Roll Made the Cut

I entered a contest at Friend's Sushi in Chicago, and to my surprise and excitement, my roll made the cut! I named it the Sweet and Spicy Roll and it is currently featured on the restaurant's Facebook Page and well as their menu for the month of July!

The restaurant is located at 710 N Rush and their sushi is delicious!

As I said, my roll (and 8 others) will be featured for the month of July and $1 of each roll ordered will go toward the charity Imerman Angels, which supports cancer survivors, fighters, and caregivers. You can go to the restaurant and vote for your favorite of the featured contest rolls!

Go to Friend's Sushi and order my roll! (then vote for it of course :-) )

You can go to their website to find the facebook link. There is an album on facebook featuring the 9 rolls that made it!